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White Label Groups


1 months minimum

  • Networking Partners unlimited
  • Turn your networking group into proactive referral teams.
  • Our system matches and suggests introductions/referrals with ratings by known friends.
  • Generate triggering questions with partners to generate business!
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Premium LinkedIn Program


4 months minimum

  • 80 new targed connections / 4 good introductions / All other features same as Gold Package
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4 months minimum

  • Guaranteed 100 targeted Connections per month
  • Guaranteed 8 good introduction per month
  • Template email messages or customized which we send out for clients through LinkedIn
  • Work with client to improve LinkedIn profile
  • Personal Training with our staff to guide you through LinkedIn.
  • Written materials as well as 11 training videos.
  • Attend networking groups if one in your area. Or work to build a networking group with you.
  • Watch our video on how the system works. Please copy and paste the link below:
  • https://youtu.be/ZnTeA98RwYE
  • Info: Bob Friedenthal bob@mycity.com
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