Nose Plastic Surgery

When most people think of nose plastic surgery, they think of the typical rhinoplasty, or nose job, for cosmetic purposes. In truth, there are many reasons a person may seek cosmetic plastic surgery for their nose. While nose aesthetics are important to facial appearance, function is also a major factor. At City Facial Plastics in NYC, Dr. Gary Linkov offers a wide variety of nose plastic surgery options to improve both nose form and function.

Rhinoplasty changes the shape of the nose by decreasing or increasing the size or changing the bridge or tip of the nose. Nose surgery also restores breathing function by removing nasal obstructions. Cosmetic rhinoplasty changes the nose’s appearance, and corrective rhinoplasty treats injuries from trauma. Nose surgery is only recommended after nasal cartilage reaches full growth, usually around 16 years of age. If one seeks cosmetic improvements to the nose and has nasal breathing problems, it is often better to address these at the same time. This is because cartilage is limited and is manipulated for both applications.

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