Bob Friedenthal LinkedIn Automation and More Podcast Interview by Caryn Schuster Patient Advocate

Bob Friedenthal has spent many years on the internet. Bob is owner of and we manage LinkedIn accounts, 1) fixing profiles, 2) growing connections, 3) Messaging your connections 4) and most recently doing Podcast Interviews. Our overall objective is to help you increase your brand awareness. Your name and photo is your billboard on the social media highway. When people have a need, if they don't remember you, this will go to the first person they remember in your vocation. Routinely you need your brand (You) in front of people to remind them you exist. When people finally decide to do something remembering you is vital otherwise they will contact the first person they remember in your vocations. One of our first objectives is to help you create introductions/referrals. When meeting people it's how you can help others first. If you go directly into selling that really turns people off. So on we created what we call the Referral Program. This software is good for creating introductions/referrals. If you are a member of a networking group, this program is great for tracking introduction/referrals. Interested in Bob doing a free Podcast Interview Contact Bob Friedenthal 310-736-5787 Mobile Connect with Rob on LinkedIn is free to join.