Robert Shapiro Business Broker M&A Podcast Interview by Bob Friedenthal social media mgt

Robert Shapiro is a seasoned professional with the tools and the skill set to understand and grasp a client’s business, its revenue streams, and what makes it tick. He is able to present this data in a clear and concise fashion while responding to buyer inquiries. He speaks the language of business which helps make the process of selling a business a fluid experience. The Ventura Group of Florida is, by design, a boutique M&A firm limiting the deal flow at any point in time. We are cognizant of the investment of time and resources required to get a deal closed. We are expert in the negotiation process and like to say that we sell good businesses to good people. To Contact Robert Shapiro: 954-684-1315 Interested in a Podcast Interview of your own: Contact Bob Friedenthal 310-736-5787 Mobile You can Join for FREE!