Marie Grigorian Difficult Deals Just Done Podcast Interview by Bob Friedenthal social media management, automation

Here are the circumstances behind helping a client solve the problems of his CPA firm. My client had inherited his father’s CPA firm and his employees when he was 18. In 20 years of owning this business he was still struggling Employees did not have any reason to perform their best, they were laid back in their “guaranteed” job and were making a lot of mistakes and incomplete work at deadline My client respected and liked all of as they would remind him of his father, so he was working 12-14 hour days trying to compensate employees shortcoming What we did: Fortunately I was able to change his mind set and he realized that he needed to have a firm hand and become the leader We implemented KPIs ( Key performance Indicators), employee evaluation meetings and employee accountability). After interviewing the employees I realized that they needed training because when they did not know what to do they would not ask… so we started Friday morning one hour training for everyone and gave them cheat cards with important info. I designed a team building exercise and introduced the KPIs to employees also produced team and expectations for each of the team members First month performance was improved by 11% and in 3 months revenue increase and mistakes decreased bringing penalty payments down. To contact Marie Grigorian: (818) 427-2752 Mobile Interested in a free Podcast Interview for yourself? Contact Bob Friedenthal 310-736-5787 Mobile Join for Free