Ear Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery NYC

Ear surgery is a cosmetic procedure that is aimed to reshape the outer ear. This procedure provides a natural look for any deformed or damaged ear. Dr. Gary Linkov is an advanced plastic surgeon in New York who helps patients feel confident in their appearance. City Facial Plastics, located in Manhattan, NYC, takes into consideration your lifestyle and goals. With a top-rated plastic surgeon like Dr. Linkov, getting the new ear shape is easier than ever.

What Is Ear Plastic Surgery?

Ear plastic surgery refers to making structural changes to the skin and often cartilage of the outer (external) ear. It is a type of cosmetic ear surgery that focuses on form and function. Other types of ear surgery may address deeper structures of the ears, more involved in hearing. Ear plastic surgery can be cosmetic and reconstructive in nature. The complexity of surgery can span from a simple skin removal or rearrangement to a complete ear reconstruction using other parts of the body.

The outer ears play an important role in both harmonizing the face and serving as a support for glasses and earrings. The external ear also serves as a funnel that helps channel sound into the inner parts of the ear responsible for hearing. Some people are born with misshapen ears while others acquire it through trauma, cancer, infections, and other means.

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