The Art of Introductions Get Personal!!!

The Lightbulb goes on! Think about this!!!

    The referral system (technology combined

    with People You Know) 

    A system for giving and receiving referrals. Using data

    and the people you know to give and receive referrals. 

    Since 70-90% of your business comes from referral, the

    more you give, the more you get. Uses our rating

    system that matches people by location, vocation,

    rating, expertise and recommendations. 


    The Referral Wizard. Messaging system 

    uses the above technology and helps you do the



     The 3 Touch System

     About 3-4 years ago I went to a seminar by a professor 

     At UCLA. He talked about if you touch people 3 times

     In like a 30 period, you can rapidly take people from 

     Prospect to Relationship for sale or a referral partner.

     I used to call my system a 5 touch system. Most sales

     Coaches will tell you it takes 3-5-7 times plus to be in

     front of someone to take them from prospect to sale or 

     referral partner. 

     NOBODY HAS TIME!!! Try the system.

    Done for you!!

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