Overcoming Retroactive jelousy: Stop caring about your partner's past

Overcoming Retroactive jelousy: Stop caring about your partner's past

Sometimes people are obsessed with their partner’s past and don’t understand what is happening to them. They are not aware of conditions that a lot of people around the world suffer from called retroactive jealousy. Finding the cure to it is not that easy. But the good news is it is not impossible. Overcoming retroactive jealousy alone will be even harder but with the guide of a professional it will be less painful and much easier.

Zachary Stockill is one of the leading therapists when it comes to retroactive jealousy. He does not simply give advice on how to deal with this condition but he was one of the people who struggled from this anxiety. A few years ago, he was there where most of the people are now. After getting over his partner’s past, he decided to share his valuable experience with others in need. He wrote a book, built a website and even created a special course to help others. The numbers speak for themselves, already over 1500 people from 180 countries broke free from their mental hell thanks to him.

After launching the website in 2003, Zachary keeps on receiving a lot of emails from people who can’t get over their wife’s past. Wife talking about ex lovers evokes an unwanted feeling of jealousy and willy-nilly husbands start seeing “mental movies” that frustrate them, make them depressed and aggressive. Even if a decade has passed after the marriage, they can’t stop thinking about their wifes’ previous partners. By taking the online course on retroactive jealousy or reading a book, you will be able to beat it and accept your wife with her past.

Some people at the early stages of retroactive jealousy google to find answers and find themselves in even more confusing situations. People either encourage or throw hateful comments at you. Everything starts with a small conversation about your girlfriend’s past or just when you stalk her social media accounts. Addictive thoughts about her past start to come to your mind more and more often and you think: “I hate my girlfriend”. It is easier to get rid of the anxiety at the early stages so the online course consisting of 25 step-by-step videos might be handy for you.

Women also suffer from retroactive jealousy. First, you start to think of yourself as a victim and try to forget about your boyfriend
 But the problem is inside you, not in your partner. When we choose to be with someone, we have to accept them with their present and the past. The online course or the book can help you deal with this condition and live happily with your partner without any doubts.

Either by reading “Overcoming Retroactive Jealousy” or taking the course “Get Over Your Partner’s Past Fast”, you will be able to learn from a hands-on experience through various exercises, get demonstrated the success stories of other people and feel the back of a huge supportive community.