Reviews about you are Important

Our recent survey regarding reviews, testimonials and recommendations is yielding valuable information.
Overwhelming tells us people regards reviews, testimonials and recommendations as important for their sales growth.

Even with this understanding, few people have the knowledge or have taken the
time to increase reviews.

There are so many more websites now that yield these tools for growth.  
Few people if any have a single landing page where they can direct people (prospects).

Studies show that most professionals attain new business by referrals.

When meeting with new prospects, you still need close/sell them.
Why not send your prospect to a review pages displaying all your reviews, testimonials and recommendation.
Websites like Linkedin, Facebooks, Zillow (for realtors and mortgage), Yelp, personal websites and Google business pages. And, there are more review websites, too many to list here.
By the way, google plus will be shutting down in April 2019.

By joining for FREE will will research and create your own review page. also now provides a system where we will help you gather more reviews, testimonials and recommendations.  

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