Mini Dental Implants

Not everyone is suitable for conventional dental implants, and mini implants can be a good alternative solution. Narrower than traditional dental implants, they require less bone for placement.

What are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants are made from the same high-quality materials as conventional dental implants but have a considerably narrower diameter that is less than 3mm in diameter. In comparison, ordinary dental implants can have a diameter of up to 7mm.

Mini dental implants have a screw rather than a post that allows them to be screwed or inserted right through the gum and into the jawbone, so there is no need for an incision into the gum tissue and no need for stitches afterward. The length of the mini implant screw can be as much as 18 mm in length, and it’s this length that determines the strength of the implant. Because these dental implants are smaller, they are sometimes called small diameter implants or narrow body implants.

Why Choose Mini Dental Implants?

Sometimes there is simply not enough room for a conventional diameter dental implant, for example, when restoring smaller lower incisors. Mini dental implants are frequently used to secure loose dentures.

  • Mini implant dentures are an affordable solution for people struggling with conventional dentures.
  • The surgical technique used to place mini implants is less invasive and can be more suitable for someone a little apprehensive about implant surgery.

One major reason for choosing mini dental implants is because they require less healthy bone. After natural teeth are removed, bone resorption is a common problem. Although bone grafting can build up missing bone, not everyone wishes or is suitable for bone grafting surgery.

What Are the Advantages of Mini Dental Implants?

Because the implant screw is so narrow, it’s much easier to avoid nerves and sinuses. The smaller size of the implant is reflected in its price, offering an affordable solution for people who want an implant denture.

What are the Disadvantages of Mini Dental Implants?

While mini dental implants are an excellent treatment, the implant screw is typically quite long and must be inserted into strong, good quality vertical bone. The upper jaw doesn’t always have good bone quality, as bone density is typically lower.

Although mini dental implants can be an excellent solution for securing a loose lower denture, conventional dental implants can be a better option for securing an upper denture. Using mini implants for an upper denture would typically need between 10 and 12 mini implants, so conventional implants are more cost-effective.

Mini dental implants are fabricated as one piece, which helps to ensure the design is cost-effective. However, if anything goes wrong with the mini dental implants, the entire structure must be replaced. With a conventional dental implant that is made in two pieces, it’s usually only necessary to replace the abutment attached to the implant post and which supports the restoration, leaving the post untouched.

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