The 5 Steps to Your DREAM

From my book: D.R.E.A.M Home by Anna Marshall
De-Clutter- Clutter causes a blockage of engergy and lack of circulation in your home. It also clutters your mind and can stress you out, becuase you know you need to deal with it! Remove all items that take up unnecessary spack; trash that hasn't been discarded, piles of paperwork, mail, and magazines. Clutter can include furniture you inherited and have never used, clothes, pet items, kid's toys and much more.

Re-Think your space. Set up rooms to succeed at their purpose. Re-look at the way you spaces function.

Energize. The smooth flow of energy and natural light into and around your home is essential for your vitality. Trim bushes and trees that block light from entering your home. Walkways and doorways need to be clear to allow energy to flow through your home!

Atmosphere. Lighting, sound and temperature set the mood. For a home that feels happy, focus on the ambiance.

Modernize. Update your home using neutral colors, and freshen up your landscape to generate new energy.

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