Denture Implants

Denture implants are often an excellent treatment solution for people who have lost all their natural teeth in the lower jaw. Not everybody is suitable for a fixed implant prosthesis or wishes to wear a conventional denture that rests directly on the gums. Implant dentures are supported by dental implants but are fully removable.

What Are Denture Implants?

Denture implants use a conventional denture that has special attachments on its fitting surface and which clip onto dental implants inserted into the patient’s jawbone. An implant denture combines the best of both worlds, giving patients the stability and extra strength of dental implants in a prosthesis that is easily removable for general cleaning and maintenance. The implant denture is sometimes called an overdenture or implant overdenture. It either fits directly onto dental implants or onto a bar fitted over the implants.

Why Consider an Implant Overdenture?

Many people with complete dentures struggle with their functionality. It only takes a few years for significant bone loss to occur in the jawbone, affecting the stability of the implant dentures. Consequently, they can begin to move around uncomfortably, affecting speech and the ability to eat properly.

Can I Have an Upper Implant Overdenture?

Upper implant overdentures are less widely used because usually, a greater number of implants are needed to stabilize the denture. Sometimes an upper overdenture might need as many as six dental implants compared with just two or four dental implants for a lower denture.

This is because the upper jawbone is quite different in its volume and density, and important structures like the sinus cavities must also be avoided during implant placement, making this treatment more complex. Usually, lower dentures are more problematic compared with upper dentures because they provide significantly less retention.

While an upper implant overdenture might not be a suitable solution, there are almost certainly other options available, which we can discuss with you.

Fixed Versus Removable Prosthesis

While a fixed dental implant prosthesis, such as a dental bridge is often seen as a preferable solution, it isn’t an option for everyone. Some people have lost significant gum tissue and jawbone and would need substantial bone and gum grafting procedures to restore these tissues. Using denture implants allows these tissues to be restored properly with a well-designed denture.

Other people will find it too tricky to clean around a fixed dental bridge, whereas a removable denture is much easier to keep clean and hygienic. Good ongoing oral hygiene is essential in preventing dental implant infection that could ultimately cause the implants to fail.

Denture implants will increase the stability and functionality of a denture, increasing your biting and chewing strength. However, biting and chewing strength will still be less compared with natural teeth or a fixed bridge of teeth.

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