5 Habits That Are Extremely Dangerous for Your Teeth

There are many habits that can strain and damage your teeth. While some of them are hard to avoid, many can be easily stopped. If you want to have a beautiful smile and prevent any damage to your teeth, there are few things that you need to stop doing. This might be hard at first because quitting any type of habit is quite difficult. If it were easy, it wouldn’t be called a habit. The essential step is to detect the harmful behavior and then when it happens, instantly switch to doing another thing.

1. Using cough drops and throat lozenges

If you think that these high in sugar candies are safe, you’re wrong.. They are a mixed blessing – while they treat a sore throat quite effectively, they damage your enamel too. If you’ve used any of these, wait a couple of minutes and then clean your mouth afterward.

The sugar in these candies and lozenges contacts with bacteria in your mouth and causes plaque formation. The plaque then transforms into acid and dissolves the protective layer of your teeth. In no time, you have tooth decay starting to develop. Be careful and reasonable about what you’re putting in your mouth.

2. Sipping on soda all the time

You’ve most likely known that this one will be mentioned. The problem is that these beverages contain lots of sugar and are harmful to your gentle health. A regular can of soda contains about ten teaspoons of sugar, so think about that next time you're about to drink a coke.

And diet soda is not much healthier for you too. It usually contains artificial sweeteners, in place of natural ones, and these are not good for your oral health too. If you cannot fight the temptation to have a soda, try to drink it when having a meal and brush your teeth afterward.

3. Constant teeth grinding

This is a quite frequent habit and one of the hardest to deal with.  It usually happens subconsciously. For most people, it occurs during sleep only, so it can be quite difficult to break. TMJ disorder damages your teeth enamel. It makes your teeth vulnerable to fractures and fissures.

If you are a night grinder, consult with a top TMJ specialist about getting a protective mouthguard. They are comfortable to fit in your mouth before getting to bed and are designed to prevent possible abrasion and damage from grinding and clenching your teeth.


4. Having too many sports drinks

If you’re an athlete or deal with heavy physical work, you may use some energy beverages for extra energy. The thing is that they’re often very high in sugar. So, try to brush your teeth after drinking any of those.

But, the best way to kick this habit is to replace it with water. Water will keep you much more hydrated and you won’t feel exhausted afterward. 

5. Smoking cigarettes

Even if you smoke just a little, it is still dangerous for your dental health. The best way out is to kick the habit. It can be very hard to quit, but you’ll benefit from it in the future.  Cigarettes can cause chronic ulcers and sores in your mouth too. Smoking is extremely dangerous for your gums and teeth and the dentist will make it very clear. If you want shiny, robust, and healthy teeth, it’s better to quit before any irreversible harm is done.

The bottom line

It’s very important to maintain the health of your teeth as it affects your overall well being. Quit dangerous habits that can damage your oral health and if you experience any dental problems, consult with the specialist immediately.