Reviews Case Study

Reviews have become so popular that even google has jumped into the game.

Marketing typically comes in one of two forms. 1) Referral marketing, this is where somebody introduces you From networking or 2) through Marketing programs.

In both cases when you meet Your prospect you still have to sell them.

Don’t you think a great closing statement is “just look at all the great reviews that been written about me throughout the Internet”.

Here are some studies discussing how reviews are regarded by people."survey of people 84% trust online reviews." "Positive customer reviews improves website trust authority." This also applies to social media your personal brand. over 90% of customers trust information from people they know Nielson

Article about younger generation is hooked on reviews

Plus our surveys have told us that this is a vastly understated opportunity by the majority of people.

Simply put, people just do not have enough reviews and and they are not spread amongst enough review sites like facebook and the new google business.

In an age when time is our most precious commodity, it make sense to be more affective with your time.  If you can close a higher percentage of your sales presentations, your time becomes much more effective.

The age group of 25 to 35 rely more heavily on reviews compared to the older generation.

On the other hand the older generation  is somewhat behind looking at the internet reviews.  They haven’t transitioned to where the world is going. This reminds me as when people finally adopted the Internet it exploded. 

The world is constantly changing, and it’s important to know where you stand with adoption.

Review sites have exploded across the Internet.  Social media is not really that old. Now half the world is on social media. Isn’t that an eye-opener?

You can either be a leader or a follower. Right now 70% to 80% of business people are not aware of how explosive reviews have become. Gathering reviews does not happen overnight. Having a systematic approach to getting reviews is smart.

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