Why LinkedIn Is So Important And Valuable

LinkedIn should be even helpful for your business.

So many people will be working from home due to the Corona Virus. I predict a large increase in online traffic. And for business, LinkedIn is the best place to go!!!!


Reasons Why LinkedIn Is So Important And Valuable

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world today. With over 610 million users currently, it is the most sought after professional social networking platform. Why is it important to professionals and businesses in the first place? You may ask yourself.

This is why:

LinkedIn was founded in 2003 and had 100,000 users in the first year. It has grown over the years and with the current subscription, it boasts as being the home of over 30 million company profiles.

It is this connecting of professionals who have common interests that make LinkedIn the best and its importance can’t be underestimated.

Let’s dive into some important factors as to why LinkedIn is so valuable among the professional.

LinkedIn offers its users the best platform for connecting as professionals.

Whether on a free subscription or paid membership LinkedIn creates the best connections for professionals.

Here, you’ll be able to share ideas and knowledge with like-minded professionals. This is important as it offers those with common interests to share valuable insights and opportunities. It helps create connections and relations that result in new opportunities like job openings and businesses.

LinkedIn Will Help You Rank Top on Google

Ever wished to be found on google's first page? 

This is everyone’s dream come true, as long as you have that LinkedIn profile.


LinkedIn ranks well with google and offers professionals a great way to be found on those first pages on google.

If you’ve perfectly listed your skills and experience, then your profile will be the interest of potential employers and those who may be interested in the services you offer. This is so because nowadays those looking for services or hiring, the first place is LinkedIn. This alone should make you want to update your profile.

Marketing Platform For Companies

LinkedIn offers companies and businesses a crucial marketing platform. Businesses wanting to reach potential customers and grow their sales and profits have company profiles well-drafted on LinkedIn.

It helps businesses generate leads and referrals by reaching out to millions of customers.

It also offers the best chance for professionals to showcase their skills and experiences.

LinkedIn Helps You Reinforce Your Reputation.

Being a professional media, LinkedIn is a platform where professionals display their skills and competencies. You are able to show your credibility in whichever career you excel. With the opportunity of meeting and being found by numerous companies, potential employers will be able to establish the eligibility of any candidate they wish to employ.

A Meeting Place For Hirers and Job Seekers.

Those seeking jobs can have access to potential employers by perusing through several company profiles listed on LinkedIn advertising job vacancies. Likewise, companies are able to meet beforehand, qualified professionals with the desired skills and qualifications for their workforce. One thing that makes this smooth is because LinkedIn allows one to search for jobs and place their resumes privately away from their colleagues in the same organization.

In conclusion, LinkedIn has proven it's worthy in the social media community. By not only allowing professionals to meet and share ideas and knowledge, but it has also enabled businesses and companies to recruit the best skills in the market as well as moving their products and growing their revenues.Linkedin has grown and continues to grow, placing itself as the best for professional B2B marketing platform available today.