Overwhelmed? Think About Delegating!

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So you’re overwhelmed running your business? Delegate! It’s easier than you think. There are several tools that you can do that will make your life easier. Once you make the commitment, follow a process and don’t give up.

Start by listing all the activities you do each day. Remember delegation allows you to grow your business. It’s comfortable to do routines, but too often routines are stagnating you. Delegating means you are hiring people. This the unknown. Start by hiring individuals part time. Start with small projects that have little impact on your business. Monitor and determine if the selected candidate is doing a good job. Once comfortable, increase the delegating process. Much of the work Edge Up Network has done is performed virtually. We’ve mastered this process. Some is done overseas and keeps our costs down and we pass these savings to our customers. The real trick is training. Think about creating training videos. Some of them can potentially be used for years. People don’t read today, they watch. With screen videos, you can navigate the process showing your students each step. Screen videos are accompanied by audio presentation and is most effective.

Edge Up Network uses training videos for both clients and employees. Our company exists because our clients do not have the time in their busy days to perform social media tasks.  Edge Up Network does this for clients saving them time and money. Much of social media is clerical in nature but above the clerical is knowledge base. I personally love helping people. What’s so great, I have the time because I’ve delegated!!!

Want to delegate your LinkedIn? http://www.edgeupnetworks.com/get-started/

Bob Friedenthal

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