Relationship Building- The Power of Three

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About 2 years ago I went to a lecture by Ken Kragen. Ken is an incredible promoter. He did “We Are The World”over 30 years ago. He got millions of people around the world to hold hands and sing “We Are the World”. Ken also lectures at UCLA. He discussed “The Power of Three” which is about how to build relationships.  You need to touch people three times in a rather short sequence in order to take people from prospect to relationship to sales or referral partner.

I changed my program from the five touch program to The Power of Three.  Most sales coaches will tell you that it takes 3 to 5 to 7 times plus to take somebody from prospect to a relationship to sale or referral partner. But if you can  shorten the sequence of three touches, then people will remember and appreciate you.

This is what I preach:  1) you meet somebody as a result of LinkedIn but don’t try to sell them. Find out about them. Find out who they want to meet. Build a relationship. With my clients I always recommend them teaching their new acquaintance about how to “Turn LinkedIn Into Revenue”.  People appreciate this instead of trying to sell yourself. 90% of the people you meet do not know how to use LinkedIn. And many of them have spent a fair amount of time on the web site. 2) Then send them an introduction of someone they would like to meet. Our clients use a system called social sync to create the introductions. Social Sync is a rating system of people you know or your networking partners know. 3) Lastly invite your developing relationship to a mixer, or networking event. I recommend doing this within a one month period. This is why we host mixers. It’s a tool for customers to get closer to their prospects. Providing your new connections with an ability to help them grow their business as well will definitely be appreciated.

You as a sales person have to determine how fast you can sell people you meet. Sell them now, in a medium timeframe, or is it going to be long term. LinkedIn is so a perfect opener and it gives you something to talk about. It’s better than biting your tongue to hold back selling!

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