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You need to think of yourself as a brand. Social media will get you there.

First lecture: “Turning your LinkedIn into revenue”. Why LinkedIn?

When I lecture I always ask 3 questions:

    1. Who needs to make more money? Almost everyone says yes!
    2. Then I ask who has spare time?                           
       Almost everyone says they have no time.  They feel like of the proverbial mouse running on a
         wheel as hard and fast as they can.
    3. When I ask how many people have Generated any revenue? Only 10% have. Yet many people have spent a
         fair amount of time working on LinkedIn.

This series of written materials, videos, Seminars and webinars will teach you the steps necessary to “Turn Your LinkedIn Into Revenue” I’m going to start with:  “LinkedIn- Facts”

    1. It’s a business community
    2. 124 million plus members reported by LinkedIn just in the United States. 
    3. Highest income level and Most professionals of any website on the planet.

When you connect with someone there is a psychological relationship that results. Connection are more likely to respond to LinkedIn emails over standard email because they think of it as a business communication. Your connection is more likely to receive your calls.

Here is a few jumps ahead on my lecture series:

1) your profile. The six bullets in what is missing.
2) LinkedIn Advanced search 
3) Tagging (creating folders). How to organize you LinkedIn activities 
4) LinkedIn Messaging

Think of having LinkedIn done for you, check out:

You’re always welcome to call me.

Bob Friedenthal CEO
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“Turning Your LinkedIn into Revenue”
Now with Social Sync- The 21st century way of networking”

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