SEO Is Losing Importance, Being Replaced By Social Media, The Number 1 Activity On The Internet

Post date:01/29/2017 0

There was a time, and it was not that long ago, that SEO, or search engine optimization, was all of the rage. Getting the right keywords, in the right places, in an attempt to get on that first page of a Google or other search engine key phrase search was what everyone was chasing. This even spawned new businesses who did nothing but optimize websites for clients to help them get a better ranking on Google. But big changes have happened in the past few years. Social media has become all of the rage, and it can have a profound effect on how a web page is ranked in search engines. Here are some facts you need to know.

According to Experian, 27% of internet time in the United States is spent on social media sites, and 15% of the mobile internet time is spend surfing social media sites. Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook produce close to two times the marketing leads of telemarketing, trade shows, and direct mail. The most telling statistic may be the following, as more than 45% of online users rely on social media when making a decision to purchase goods or services.

So does this mean that SEO is dead, and no longer important in search engine rankings? Not by a long shot. Google still uses SEO in their search ranking algorithms, and they probably always will. But, if you have a business and are looking to drive more traffic to your door, and to your web site, you simply cannot overlook the growing importance of social media.

So if you are serious about driving more traffic to your web site who are serious about using your products or services, just using SEO is no longer going to get the job done. What is needed to complete in the global marketplace that is the internet is a comprehensive strategy that involves SEO, and a strong social media presence that ties into, and links to your web site. With this type of business strategy in place, your chances for success increase exponentially.

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