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In today’s digital world, business moves at the speed of light. The one-point agenda is to stay ahead of the pack, the time between you and the second best often measured in nano seconds. Specialized tools are therefore required which will not only update your particulars constantly and keep you in focus amongst potential customers but will also help you be well organized with all details available anytime anywhere. Two of the most important systems in this direction are the card cam and the Evernote. 

If you love business social networking and have lots of business cards, you cannot possibly do without card cam. It memorizes facts of all your business associates and saves business cards. Some of the salient features –

  • It will swiftly and precisely read business cards and save it to your phone.
  • Your contacts will be immediately appraised of any updates in your profile.
  • Similarly, any updates by your business contacts will reach you at once. Be the first to congratulate them on any good news.
  • Share cards over social network, email or QR codes.
  • Sync all customer information on your smart phone or tablet for round the clock management. Be connected always on the go.
  • Have a personal standalone contact for sending messages and making calls exclusive of your business profile.
  • Exchange e-cards with other contacts easily through QR code or Card Radar.
  • Most importantly, card cam supports 16 languages including traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese amongst others.

Evernote is actually a platform that supports the whole range of your workspace needs. Start with an inspiration, note down your thoughts, collect data, process and finally achieve – all at one point. Here’s how it will help you be organized always.

  • Write down everything, from project plans to meeting agendas, it goes with you wherever you are. Designed for modern writing.
  • Find documents, texts and images quickly and effectively across all your devices. No more fumbling around.
  • Speedier project collaboration with colleagues from anywhere around the world. Be in sync with them always.
  • Save physical and digital details through snapshots with Evernote.
  • All your files, notes and images are available on every device or computer you might use. Have all data at your fingertips.

Be in tune with the modern digital world. Shun the traditional way of commercial methodology and watch your business go steeply north.

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