How to Succeed with Social Media

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The internet and the social media have combined to create a vibrant communication…and a great information platform in the current times. Everything you post on social media impacts your personal brand, but then, the best minds steal the cake…

Social media is a common place for every marketer…Read on to learn a few useful tips:

  • Businesses need to encourage informal dialogue and welcome competition by being open and transparent. Companies which have secrets to hide would always be a mile away from success.
  • Social media ought to be taken seriously and not a job as per convenience. The company needs to act responsively and maturely towards its fans, friends and stakeholders. It is a commitment in itself.
  • Successful social media practitioners are ones who stand for their brand, who live and breathe their topics and possess a strong sense of corporate identity. Brand ambassadors, but in the most natural way, are highly…highly successful.
  • Creating quality content can make all the difference. The content needs to be informative, sharable, actionable and relevant to the target audience. However, it shouldn’t seem to be a piece of mere selling. A ‘striking’ image accompanied by a few ‘striking’ words is bound to generate the much needed impact. The more contagious it is, the higher is its impact.
  • The public likes responsiveness and a feeling of emotional connection. Automated responses are simply OUT, and in fact, tend to promote negative attention.
  • Mastering the strategies for content on one social media platform is the ideal way to begin with. Identifying the platform where the target audience can be found most time of the day is the best way to sell to customers; taking up other platforms subsequently is the righteous approach. A content that ensures clear objectives, great design and frame, solid and impactful content, well defined promotion strategy, and a well sorted conversion strategy is the foremost element that can bring about the desired change…


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