Where Social Media Fails

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“Content is fire, social media is gasoline”…Marketers via social media need to realize that social media is less about technology and more about relationship building…Undeniably, the focus of the brand marketers on social media has increased the web traffic considerably. At the same time, there are reasons for its failure too:
Many companies endeavor to focus too much on sales via social media, rather than using it as a platform to provide value added information about the products/services.
Most companies tend to set unrealistic expectations from SMM than what are achievable. This platform can put across the product/service just in a way it is, whereas the marketers expect it to transform its attributes (such as customer service, brand reputation, etc) altogether.
Many companies follow a route of offering too many things to audience, and so, tend to use maximum number of tools to spread their social media presence; but then, they forget that spreading too much is not the right approach; instead, spreading rightly is the way to go. Identifying the target audience, their wants and needs, is the route to take for effective marketing. Being extensively present online is not the way to fruitful outcomes. People tend to offer web content that portrays the product much bigger than what it actually is; instead, people like to read content that is educative, entertaining and connective. Direct selling is a big NO, and it is high time, marketers realize this. Content that stirs emotions is what sells. Very few companies indulge in being proactively engaged in online conversations, but then, they need to understand that this is the best way to create new relationships and advocate their concern, step by step. Although there is no direct solution to effective social media marketing, but a little bit of research can surely come handy and reap the most desired outcomes.

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