How Social Media has become More Impactful…And How to Find Something

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The essence of social media is knowing your audiences and engaging them in something they love…Social media is about people…Social media marketing has truly picked up over the last few years…In fact, it is similar to a ball rolling down the hill, which gains momentum gradually with time…From selling diapers to marketing dental practices, social media is into all.

Apart from email, face book, twitter, and Pinterest are the most popular platforms that cater to social media communication and send chunks of data to an extensive audience. It has been observed that population having their social media presence has risen by a considerable percentage; and this accounts for the ‘rise time statistics’ online, which refers to rise in the average time spent by visitors over the web.

In the US, statistics reveal that the time spent by customers over online video sites is somewhat:

Youtube: 3 hours/month; Netflix: 10 hours/month; Hulu: 2.5 hours/month . Also, around 61% of the US population (men and women) have been observed to watch TV and concurrently surf the internet, out of which 29% population is into watching TV and accessing Face book side by side. Thus, we can say that gone is the era when watching TV was carried out in the same traditional way in every household; but then, the internet and the mobile phones have, very capably, transformed this decades-long tradition.

In the year 2014, it has been observed that the percent of adults who surf video sharing sites has grown to nearly 75%…It is truly predictable how the increase in the number and frequency of web users on social media sites has enhanced the impact of social media marketing that has managed to grab a huge pool of audiences in the most positive way.

Who says social media is about technology…it is certainly about psychology…a psychology as per which people will listen more to other people than to traditional sources…

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