Knowing Your Web Analytics – Your Report Card on the Effectiveness of Your Marketing

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First let’s look at a simple example of how web analytics increased my sales.

I studied my web analytics, made a marketing change on my LinkedIn messages and saw a dramatic increase in my visits to my web site. After each message sent to my connections, I added:

Bob Friedenthal – LinkedIn Consultant 
310 736-5787 
Turning your LinkedIn into Revenue

This resulted in 30-50 more visitors a day to my website and calls and new clients from all over the country.

Next, you need to make sure that your web host has analytics available. Or, your designer has included web analytics on each page of your web site. Google Analytics is commonly used and easy to install.

Web analytics show what is happening on your website:, 1) how many people visited your website, 2) which web page they visited, 3) how they arrived on your website, 4) what keywords brought them to your website,  etc. If you are spending money to promote your website using multiple marketing channels such as PPC, SEO, social media, email campaigns etc. web analytics is vital in evaluating the usage of your marketing investments.

Web analytics can be immensely helpful in measuring the impact of these marketing campaigns. With the help of web analytics, you can find out how effective are your marketing campaigns in terms of generating traffic and attracting target audience to your website. You can also analyze if the marketing campaigns were successful in generating leads, converting them into sales and achieving business goals.

If you are spending a lot on creating fresh content, targeting new keywords and promoting your website on various platforms, social media posting, etc, time is money and needs to be paying off. However, if conversion rate does not improve in spite of hefty marketing campaigns, you must study your web analytics carefully.  Web analytics can help you understand why people buy or do not buy products or services from your website.

Some valuable insights you can derive from the web analytics are:

Cost per Acquisition (CPA): CPA metric of web analytics gives comprehensive information about the impressions of your marketing campaign, clicks, CTR, Avg CPC, total cost and number of conversions. Based on these data you can calculate cost per acquisition of your new client or sales based on your website objective.

User Behavior: Get clear insight about user behavior by analyzing the data about page views, time spent on your site and sources of these visitors. If bounce rate is high that is if the visitors leave your site as soon as they come indicates that either they are wrong type of traffic or something is wrong with your website or content.

Checkout Abandonment Rate: This is another important insight that shows how many people begin the process of buying a product or services offered at your website, but leave the site before completing the process. If the abandonment rate is high, you can find out reasons behind it.

Conversion Rate: Maximum number of conversions is the goal of any website or business. Web analytics gives clear picture of conversion rate at the end of a marketing campaign. Using these data you can find out which campaigns are working for you and depending on this insight you can tweak your marketing strategies.

Thus, web analytics help you in tracking user acquisition, behavior and outcome for each marketing campaign.    

If you would like some help/advice, feel free to contact me.

Bob Friedenthal – LinkedIn Consultant 
310 736-5787 
Turning your LinkedIn into revenue


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