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Here are some recent statistics about LinkedIn:

LinkedIn reported 562 million members worldwide out of which 146 million registered members are in the US.

And Linkedin reports monthly active user of 246 million.

LinkedIn, today is the world’s largest business network site which officially launched in 2003. It had total of 4500 registered members after the first month of its launch. According to one statistics, two new members join the network every second. Companies use LinkedIn to generate brand awareness and marketing solutions..

linkedIn is one of the most trusted business network of the most skilled and educated professionals. LinkedIn generates revenue from its paid member subscriptions and advertising. Not only they are affluent, but they are also influential. 40% of the registered members have more than 500 connections and around 15% members have more than 1000+ business connections. With this type of business connections entrepreneurs, recruiters, marketing professionals or job seekers can easily find right people for their professional needs..

LinkedIn also offers you an option of forming groups where members can participate in discussions. Around 16% of members have joined 50 groups, which is maximum number of groups allowed to join. 42% of the members join groups for posting relevant information and approximately 26% of members join groups to find right people..

Our experience is that 90% of the people using LinkedIn do not know how to generate revenue from the site. People also have limited time to fully utilize LinkedIn to its fullest capability. Those issues can be easily solved.

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