Branding Yourself! You are a brand!!

Post date:01/29/2017 0

Marketing is different today. Less than a decade ago with the advent of social media, individuals became a brand. When I began selling 30 years ago, the company was always considered the brand. The sales person was the front end of the brand, but not the brand. Today, the individual is as much the brand as the company. Your photo is your logo. Your photo on social media is your billboard on the social media highway. When the internet started exploding in the 90’s, companies began to believe, the sales rep was less important. Companies moved their sales to online and pushed the sale representative down in terms of importance.

The tide began changing with the introduction of social media. Social media is about people. I shutter when I hear people say that their company does all the social media for the company. Companies are NOT social. People are!! How you create your brand. Start by where you get results. In other words, sales!

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