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So, how much technology are you bringing into your business?

  For years the laugh of my family is that I’m a technologist but refused to learn how to program my tv remotes.

  So, I finally made the decision to learn it. I asked my 22 year old son to show me, and I took notes on google drive documents to end this ongoing frustration. I did what I constantly ask my customer to do, LEARN and stop procrastination. 

  Here are several more technology tips you need to think about.

1) Google Voice – Stop worrying about your voicemail filling up. And, save time each week not deleting voicemails. Go to I have over 600 voicemails on my phone not stressed out and wasting valuable time not deleting voicemails. 

2) Google Drive – Interactive documents sitting on the cloud. The wave of the future. Emailing documents back and forth with customers/prospects is horribly inefficient. You and your customers can be making changes at the same time, seeing changes real time and track them. Log into your google/gmail account. Click on the box with 9 gray buttons at the top right of your screen. Click on the drive icon.

3) Internet Marketing social Media- LinkedIn/google +, etc. For business, these are essentials. Brand yourself. Get found. Online has changed. Web sites were the means for marketing your business, social media has dramatically changed the world of online. 

4) Analytics- Understand your web site or social media analytics. Understand the traffic to your web site. You’ll be surprised how many visitors reach your web site through social media if you’ve set up your social media pages correctly. Do the research. Talk to your domain host for instructions for log on.

5) Keep your customers updated. Group texting is a great way to stay in front of customers or prospects with valuable information. Texting is now, no longer part of that wave of the future.

Want to learn more? Call me, text me, email me:

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