Your Most Important Goals for 2014!

Post date:01/29/2017 0

 Did you include these goals in your 2014 plan?

  35 years of teaching technology, and 20 years running online companies, Edge Up Network can help  you.

1) Create Relationships. Meeting people one time is not a relationship.  Have a systematic approach to being in front of propects several times.

2) Social Media- LinkedIn. Learn how to make LinkedIn turn into revenue. The site is exploding. 40 million new members in the last 3-4 months.

4) Other technologies. Group texting. People view text messages within 90 seconds vs email 90 minutes. Video, YouTube is the 2nd most visited site on the internet, over 1 billion visitors per month. YouTube is a search engine. Where does this fit into your plan? Want to learn how to group text?

5) Referral Marketing (networking). Most businesses get most of their new business by referral from clients. Research referral networking groups and commit yourself to networking.

6) Work on you business not in your business. If you are not devoting some time to working on your business, growth will tend stagnate.

7)  Stay Committed. Don’t expect instant results. Building relationships take time.

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