Planning 2014- 7 Helpful Tips!

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Make 2014 a HUGE success. Technology is changing the way we run our businesses.

  35 years of teaching technology, and 20 years running online companies, Edge Up Network can help you.

  Start here with 7 important tips:

1) Set goals.  Put them in writing. Know how you get to those goals. Numbers don’t lie. How many introductions do you make to get to a sale?

2) Social Media Technology should play a part in your growth. Social media is both technology and marketing.  The growth of new members on LinkedIn in just the last 6 months is greater than the size of the entire internet when I got involved in the internet 20 years ago. There were only 50 million people on the internet in 1994.

3) Social Media- LinkedIn. Y0u will lose market share to your competition if you don’t migrate to social media. LinkedIn is great for business growth. 90% of the members don’t know how to turn LinkedIn into revenue. This is precisely why Edge Up Network exists today. Our program drives your connections to face to face meetings.

4) Other technologies. Group texting. People view text messages within 90 seconds vs email 90 minutes. Video, YouTube is the 2nd most visited site on the internet, over 1 billion visitors per month. YouTube is a search engine. Where does this fit into your plan? Want to learn how to group text?

5) Building relationships. Most people need building relationships. Sales coaches state that you need to be in front of people 3 to 7 times before you can take them from prospect to relationship to sale. What is your plan? Face to face takes a lot of time. What’s in your plan that’s going to make you more effective/efficient this you. Our system teaches you how to build relationships with our 5 touch program.

6) Your web site is not dead. Understand how to monitor, do it yourself SEO, and the impact of social media on your site.

7) Work on you business. If you are not devoting some time to working on your business, growth will stagnate.

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