Harness Your Most Powerful Asset- The People you Know

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Amazing That Nobody Has Figured This Out.

We know when you give referrals you'll get referrals. Increase your referrals and Your business will grow.

Share data (a rating system) with your referral and networking partners.

Our software system matches and suggests introductions/referrals from your networking partners. MyCity.com helps you grow clients and networking partners.

The system is based on:

1) People knowing people.  

2) Ratings based on essentials for business growth.

3)Your location, vocation, targeted clients & referral partners.

Become more effective and efficient with your time. Make more relationships and make more money!

All this tied to the people you know!

MyCity.com Video   Or Visit: Mycity.com

Or simply call to find out more!

Bob Friedenthal




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