Why you need to change

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The world is changing around you. Here are some important reasons why.             

  • Big Data
  • Social Media Usage
  • Mycity- Harness your most power Asset
  • Now Doubling every year.
  • Number 1 web activity
  • People You Know

Just over 30 years ago a 300 megabyte hard drive was $20,000.
Now were talking terabytes- Samsung’s industry-leading 15.36TB solid-state drive (SSD) started shipping last year. Pricing around $10,000.

1.9 Billion access social media from mobile devices of the 2.1 billion social media users.

How does this impact you?

The people you know has increased dramatically over the last few years.

Most of us get our new clients by referral.

Here is what we have discovered:

Few people have organized the people you know with any kind of database or rating system for referring.

Conventional networking is changing. Demand for more effective with our time is mounting.

Why Mycity.com?

  1. Harness your most power asset- the people you know by referring business to them.

    Contact me today:

    Bob Friedenthal, CEO
    310 736-5787 Mobile

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  2. Use our databasing rating system to electronically search and set up referrals.
  3. Make yourself and your networking partners more successful with a referral system that increases the amount of referrals.
  4. Give More, Get More.
  5. Save time with a more effective referral system.

Want more information? Call me.

Bob Friedenthal, CEO
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