Understand the meaning of Triggers

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Her is the meaning of Triggers from a referral networking standpoint.

When you work with referral partners, networking partners your ultimate goal

is to refer people that have a need for their product or service.

A good example of a trigger for a realtor:

"Do you know anybody that is interested in buying or selling a home."

You should be asking triggering questions of the people you meet for your networking partners.

Since 70-90% of your business come from people you know, MyCity.com members have

added thousands of people they know for introductions/referrals.

We just added a section for sending trigger questions to the people they

know to drive sales for their partners. MyCity.com has set up templates to

choose the trigger questions for your parnters. You can rapidly scroll

through the people you know and email triggering questions.

Since people know 500--1000 plus people today, you can quickly scroll

through your "know's" and send triggers via email. 

Make your time more effective productive and create more sales. 

Your referral partners will certainly appreciate you for your efforts.


Any qesutions give me a call or email me.

Bob Friedenthal



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