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251 South Lake Avenue Sixth Floor
Pasadena, CA 91101
United States

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Account Manager,Loan Service,Mortgage,Mortgage Consultant

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Emin Vartanian is a mortgage agent in Pasadena, see Emin Vartanian reviews, Emin Vartanian testimonials and recommendations



Emin Vartanian has 4 very nice reviews on LinkedIn and 13 5 star review on Zillow. I like to know my connections and based on his reviews is a good person to work with. Bob Friedenthal


Emin was the lender for my client's condo purchase in Studio City. As a Realtor, it's necessary to work with lenders who are on the ball with great... See More


We are so glad we chose Emin and his team at Skyline Home Loans for our mortgage needs. Being first time homeowners, we had a lot of questions. Like a... See More


Well, apparently in the Mortgage business, you will find vultures and you will find great people. Emin is one of the good guys who offers personalized... See More