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Los Angeles, CA - 90035

United States

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My Bio:

I have spent my entire life giving back and helping others. 
My passion for children started when I decided to become a teacher and then transitioned into being a Guidance Counselor at the High School level. For 35 years I was committed and devoted to helping teen-agers navigate the difficult waters of being an adolescent. I spent much of my earlier years in Toronto where I lived and worked in the Toronto School system -- and received many honors and awards for my selfless work.
When my second marriage brought me to Los Angeles twenty years ago I became a guidance counselor in both the LAUSD and also at the elite private school, Harvard-Westlake, where I created and initiated a very successful Peer Support program. In addition I would run parenting workshops, knowing full well there were two sides to the coin.
Loving computers and technology, I then started a computer consulting business helping the older generation set up computer systems for whatever their needs were. With a winning way and lots of patience I built that business strictly by word of mouth and am still getting calls even though I have now committed myself to my latest crusade -- health and wellness.
I learned about the health and wellness company Arbonne International from my life friend in Toronto who had melanoma. She needed to find products that were totally toxin free and safe to use. Her research led her to Arbonne. Once she came to visit me and gifted me with their products, I was hooked!
Using my counseling skills I bring people together to live a healthier, more productive lifestyle. I’m building a global business that’s changing the health, wealth and well-being of this world, one person at a time. Also working with various charities such as The Teen Project, I have introduced disadvantaged teen-age girls to the benefits of caring about their health and wellness as soon as they can.
 As I continue to thrive and build the health and wellness model of Arbonne, my entrepreneurial spirit gives motivation, impetus and cohesion to disparate groups knowing full well there is strength in numbers.


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