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Jonathan Brock is founder of Slicing Light Productions, a video production company. From reality television and documentary post production to business profiles, legacy biographies and promotional messaging the huge variety of stylistic demands shares one constant: Know your audience and speak their language. A great story is defined by the attentiveness of the viewer. Please see the reviews and testimonials by going to Please contact Jonathan to discuss your legacy video.

Jonathan Brock


The weather may change constantly but true magnetic north is unwavering when it comes relying on a compass for direction. The strategy of business networking has undergone tremendous upheaval as of late but what remains a true north for all of us is the need to cast a wide net out into the ocean of potential customers and business allies. Bob Friednthal's service is a new kid on the block when it comes to utilizing digital networking. I highly recommend anyone who is on LInkedIn or any other business digital network to take a good look at what he's got going here! The winds have shifted and here's a great compass!

-- Jonathan Brock