Bob Friedenthal


Bob Friedenthal thank you very much first and foremost for the dramatic increase in my number of connection on Linkedin!(Pre intro to Bob 2700 connection, post consultation and signup to My City, 3846 and growing weekly) Bob is a phenomenal LinkedIn consultant who manages your Linkedin account Through total transparency he and his staff research data for your city’s phone number and ZIP Code and through a combination of your engagement and consistent intuitive inner action with your account/profile (meaning you worked the leads you receive) his referral system matches up people for introductions and referrals. I have been working with Bob for over a year now and would recommend to any business owner in search of assistance building their business via Social Media, get a consultation from Bob Fredenthal CEO of MyCity which is often called the “� of the business world. DON’T BE AFRAID OF BEING OUTNUMBERED. EAGLES FLY ALONE. PIGEONS FLOCK TOGETHER!

-- CJ Johnson