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Business Description

My ambition has been to create a best in class networkers tool for generating more referrals both giving and receiving. I have been a LinkedIn consultant for about 10 years. As a serial entrepreneur I look at where websites such as LinkedIn faulter. In October 2018 I conducted a survey which you can read below. You will find our new Review System helpful in growing your business Read below and you will understand. LinkedIn is great at providing data and gives you an opportunity to connect with targeted vocations. You can review people’s history and learn about potential....See More

Bob Friedenthal


Bob Friedenthal owner of  http://mycity.com has developed the most effective networking and referral system I have ever seen. We get more accomplished in 1 hour in our mastermind group than any other networking I have ever done.
The group goes right to work generating referrals to People You Know and Top Rated people in this proprietary software. It’s amazing and it works. You should call or text Bob Friedenthal 310-736-5787

-- Paul Young