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Aaron Gobidas


Aaron Gobidas is the salesperson at GoBeRewarded-- and he's darn good at sales.

I wish he cared about delivering results as much as he likes to sell.

I flew into San Diego to meet Aaron last week to coach them with a client failure-- Philippe Coudoux of Balanced Body, a local massage therapist.

With everyone's prior permission and agreement, we filmed the entire day, so that what happened is not a matter of opinion.  You can see yourself here:

Not only did Mr. Coudoux give Aaron $12,500 to get no business over 6 months (you can see us finally get to see the Google Analytics and Facebook account stats).  But Aaron Gobidas dipped out of the meeting after 5 minutes, leaving his other employees to try to figure out what he sold this guy.

You'll hear how Aaron's employees remark how there was no project management and that there was a disconnect between sales (Aaron) and fulfillment (the other guys who are supposed to deliver).

Aaron is a fantastic salesman, for sure.

And we are all human-- but it's unethical to not be willing to fix things and to also trash the client.  He had his employees write 1 star reviews of Philippe even though Philippe donated a bunch of free massages to help them "understand" what a massage therapist does.

Disgraceful, as you can see from GoBeRewarded's own words.

To be fair, they do live up to their name-- they're just rewarding themselves, not the client.

-- dennis yu