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My ambition has been to create a best in class networkers tool for generating more referrals both giving and receiving. I have been a LinkedIn consultant for about 10 years. As a serial entrepreneur I look at where websites such as LinkedIn faulter. In October 2018 I conducted a survey which you can read below. You will find our new Review System helpful in growing your business Read below and you will understand. LinkedIn is great at providing data and gives you an opportunity to connect with targeted vocations. You can review people’s history and learn about potential....See More

Bob Friedenthal


Hi my name is Quentin Moses
I’m an Independent agent with Health Markets. I’m getting great results from mycity.com and Bob Friedenthal. And I think you should talk to him if you believe in referral marketing. You can reach Bob at 310-736-5787 or bob@mycity.com I can be reached 404-492-7942. I’ve worked on the phone for over 30 years. And this I find the best System I’ve ever seen. Especially if you believe in referral business. Most of my business is referral.
Bob’s system and mycity.com has allowed me to do that in an effortless manner, while I’m out growing My business networking, I’ve got people calling in.

-- Quentin Moses