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Account Manager,Mortgage

Business Description

Twenty years Experience as a Real Estate Solutions Expert. Work with regional and national investors. Residential Mortgages, and,Commercial Mortgages, Commercial Evaluations, Non-Performing and Performing Note Sales, Sales Coaching, Business Consulting, Real Estate Investments, Pre-qualify for your mortgage today.

Kirk Jaffe


Kirk Jaffe and I have had a long term business relationship. I have referred people to Kirk on many occasions. He a seasoned mortgage loan officer with over 20 plus years in the industry. Feedback from my referrals has been excellent. Seems like every time I turn around he has done another deal with a referral. This video should be a convincing argument. https://youtu.be/bFsOhIxeyZk Call me with any questions about Kirk, Bob Friedenthal

-- Bob Friedenthal