Alan Mack Podcast Interview by Bob Friedenthal Social Media Automation,

Alan Mack has 33 years of experience in the mortgage industry. Last year he started his own corporation Mack Financial Services Inc. After working for different Banks, he finally decided to go out on his own. Alan Mack is also a Financing Advisor and Partnered with One Million Dollar Plus. Working with high-net-worth clients seeking some of the lowest interest rates in the country. He basically works for the client, not the banks. He consults by finding the banks that will fight for their business and offer the lowest rates in the United States. Back in May his partner was able to close one of the largest home loans in United States history for over 82 million dollars. To Contact Alan Mack: 949-929-1091 mobile Looking for a video interview, turn to: Bob Friedenthal Owner of 310-736-5787 Mobile Join for FREE!