Dennis Williams of CashMap Consulting LLC, Podcast Interview by Bob Friedenthal Social Media Automation, Owner of

Dennis is the Managing Member of CashMap Consulting LLC and is focused on equipping people to confidently strengthen their finances providing choices, security while mitigating risk and decreasing debt. He’s also the creator of the innovative and transformational finance application, CashMap, and the accompanying eight-week coaching course, ‘The CashMap Blueprint’ that guides participants through the process of using their current spending and applying a simple process routinely used on a daily basis by banks and credit unions to save interest, pay off debt in half the time and boosting their savings. Dennis lives with his wife Linda in Bellingham WA, earned his MBA from the University of Hawaii, Manoa and has served for over 25 years as an executive in operations, finance, and human resources. We follow a simple three step transformational process that brings sustainability, clarity and confidence to managing your finances. Mission/Qualifying Statement – CashMap Consulting LLC / I equips people to confidently strengthen their finances, increasing choice and security while mitigating risk and decreasing debt. To Contact Dennis Williams: 360-510-6919 Mobile Looking for an interview by Bob Friedenthal: 310-736-5787 Mobile Join for free!