A Systematic Approach to Growing Your Business.

Communications with potential clients our referral partners is ground floor for any business. Communications starts with messaging to grow your brand whether it is on social media interaction, article posts, email marketing, calling, texting, web site SEO and more.

Start by giving people something of value. Write a compelling message that will engage them to read on.  

Ask people questions about what pains they encounter with growing their business. Ask what is holding them back, and then give your potential client a solution to their problem. Possibly give samples of solving problems. 

Communication rates are down overall, so giving people tools to increase their communication rates is helpful. 

If you had more information about your LinkedIn connections as an example, such as phone numbers (mobile, landline or voip) as well as city, state zip codes, email addresses, web site addresses that should help right? 

So you may ask...what are you going to do with this information? Today, you should not do just one form of marketing, you need to do it all. Emailing systems, calling, texting, messaging on social media, face to face meetings are the best tools, as well as referring people is a real relationship builder.

It’s rewarding helping people create powerful messages. Writing compelling messages that solicit a response is the beginning of you creating a relationship. 


Deals just done that tell people what was difficult in a particular deal and what it took to close the deal is certainly an eye opener and strong statement. 


Follow up is essential in developing a relationship. Mycity.com has a system called the 3 touch system. 3 Touches over a 30 day period should take people from prospect to relationship for sale or referral partner. Check it out.


Bob Friedenthal