Kris Miller of Healthy Money Happy Life, Video Interview by Bob Friedenthal Social Media, Owner of

Kris Miller’s Keynotes and workshops are interactive, entertaining, informative and give audiences the tools and methods to change their financial futures. In addition to her established presentations, event organizers are invited to request a customized keynote or workshop tailored to their specific needs and desires. Kris loves tapping into what will bring the most value to your employees, customers, attendees or colleagues. Kris conveys her rare devotion for informing and providing essential information that is often hidden from the general public. She calls out the errors in perception, exposing misleading data and leads the way with integrity to greater wealth, healthy money practices and happy and fulfilled lives. LEARN HOW TO PROTECT YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY AND CELEBRATE YOUR LIFE NOW AND AS YOU GROW OLDER AND WISER. DON’T LET WALL STREET COST YOU YOUR FUTURE. CONTACT KRIS (951) 926-4158