Phil Wolfstein Difficult Deals Just Done Podcast Interview by Bob Friedenthal social media management.

A New Lease on Life for the Owner/Operator of an L.A. area Truck Terminal This Podcast addresses the importance of maintaining trust and confidence, and a good long-term working relationship, with the landlords/owners of the property when it comes to your exit strategy. An adversarial relationship on lease terms and renewals can become a serious bottleneck in the sales process, significantly impact the value of the business or even lead to litigation as opposed to retirement! This Podcast discusses how I helped to address and resolve a serious lease issue and dispute between an L.A. area truck terminal Business and the Landlord(s) /Owners of the property to reach a successful outcome for all parties , including the new Buyer/Owner of the business, and a well earned retirement for the Owner-Operator. Phil Wolfstein, CBB Business Broker | DRE# 01950219 C. (310) 663-2180 O.(310) 966-ZOOM(9666) E. Looking for a video interview, turn to: Bob Friedenthal Owner of 310-736-5787 (mobile) Join for FREE!