Royce Morales of Perfect Life Awakening, Podcast Interview by Bob Friedenthal Social Media Automation Owner of

Royce Morales, founder of Perfect Life Awakening, developed her trailblazing, life-shifting, evidence-based information classes in 1985, opening her spiritual development center in Redondo Beach, California. Perfect Life Awakening is a series of spiritually based, empowering, inner-awakening classes and private inner journey clearing sessions that shift and resolve subconscious, disempowering, false beliefs, obstacles that were programmed during current as well as previous lives. The work gets to the core of paralyzing issues, negative patterns and subconscious fears, allowing people to reclaim their authentic selves and live a purpose-filled, higher consciousness, deserving existence. Classes and private sessions are available in person and remotely. Royce is the author of three books that explain her teachings: Know – A Spiritual Wake-up Call; Want – True Love, Past Lives and Other Complications; Back – Rebirth after Stroke all available on Amazon. Royce hosts a monthly radio show "Listen Up with Royce Morales" on the fourth Monday of every month at 9:00 a.m. PST. Sampling of her teachings are on YouTube. For more information or to sign up for her classes or private inner journey work, email her at or go to: Calendly link: