David Eric Johns Difficult Deals Just Done, Podcast Interview by Bob Friedenthal Social Media Automation Owner of MyCity.com

People call me by my middle name - Eric. Anyone owning and operating a business - or any organization - knows they have a huge responsibility; their actions impact their own families, customers, employees, and in many cases, whole communities. Whether it’s customer sales or other revenue, owners and the leadership team must deliver the top line to the bottom line. Ingram Advisory Group helps find opportunities for profit keeping you relevant, reliable, and responsive for your customers. Reach out to us at IngramAdvisoryGroup.com To Contact David Eric Johns: 207-478-7796 Mobile ej@ingramadvisorygroup.com Interested in your own podcast interview Contact: Bob Friedenthal 310-736-5787 Mobile bob@mycity.com Join MyCity.com for Free!