Dr. Doug Herr Independent Affiliate of Positive Intelligence, video interview by Bob Friedenthal Social Media, Owner of MyCity.com

I empower leaders with tools for connection. Great leaders know connection well, but our brains are 95% habit driven and even our strengths can cause blind spots. It’s likely you or your team are unconsciously sabotaged by the fight/flight part of the brain. This keeps our team from reaching their potential. I understand because, for much of my life, I didn't realize how strategic empathy is in leadership. But now research shows Emotional Intelligence accounts for 80% of success, and authentic connection puts you in the top 9%. Great leaders are committed to growth, because you have to be. If you're not growing, you might be managing past success instead of leading. In working with hundreds of leaders, I’ve developed systematic approaches that will help you lead more effectively. Here’s how I do it: 1. Book a meeting with me 2. Get a customized plan for success 3. Experience life-changing fulfillment So, book a meeting, and start doing what will get you to the next step.