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West Hills CA 91307
United States

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Patient Advocate

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Steven Corn is a patient advocate.



Steven Corn has demonistrated his knowledge about Patient Advocacy. As a Patient Advocate myself and experience in the field helping people is a passion. It's often times the families that need the greatest assistance not knowing the....See More


I have worked side by side with Steve Corn, and Steve is extremely passionate about his work as a patient advocate.  Unfortunately, Steve found out the hard way with family members first as to why he wanted to become a advocate.  With....See More


If you are looking for someone to review your medical bills like your close friend/family member, he is the one! I sent email to him Friday morning to... See More


I was looking for a patient advocate to help me out with a couple ER medical bills that I had received. Steve C. is very knowledgeable and shot it straight... See More


I hired Steve after I had a long hospitalization for a critical illness in early 2018, and was worried about the huge bills that might result, even though... See More