3 Touch - Relationship Building System

3 Touch Program How to Use Most people have problems with follow through. You meet someone you would like or need to develop a relationship but fail to do what’s necessary. Sales coaches say it take 3-5-7 times to be in front of someone to fully develop that relationship. WHO has time today. Ken Kragen promote and publicist produced “We Are the World” Over 30 years ago. He has a program called the “Power of Three” Touch people 3 times in a 30 day period and you should have a relationship by then. I used to call the 5 touch program. Reality, no one has time any more. So, I renamed my program the “3 Touch Program”. Guess who is the programs 1st follower. Bob Friedenthal. I’m as guilty as most other people. You know what it’s working. How it works. There is a tracking system in mycity that tracks with you some must do suggestion. Meet, greet, talk on the phone and get to know that person Send them an introduction/referral from the mycity system Invite to a mixer, networking event, mixer, breakfast, lunch dinner. Just follow through The system will remind you along the way to do the next step. You could receive a text or even a call from me to remind you. How to use. System looks for members only?? Might need the system to research their connections. If not they Will probably need to add them. Or even better the system Should be searching their linkedin connections to add. 3) on the left side links click on manage relationships. 4) assuming they are there. Scroll down and go through pages until Programming puts a name search at the top. 5) find your individual and check box. Then at the bottom in green Button it says “Add as 3 Touch Relationship” 6) Then go back and click the checkbox and the wheel to the right Of the persons name. Below you will see the next questions. Please answer the question. 7) then?? The next questions pops up ????